Unemployment is another outbreak

This hidden monster not only stuck the lifestyle but also punch back to the economy. The falling economy comes with the wave of unemployment and inflations which are the biggest threat to the governments of the world.

People from world powers like America and Russia are losing their jobs. 40 million in America and 1 million in Russia while China is crossing the number of millions under unemployment issues. In-country like India unemployment is a long-run issue for centuries and in this pandemic crisis, the problem can create another pandemic of fear, depression, and anxiety.

Recently the Indian railway declared that there will be reskilling of railway manpower, which means some job profiles might be changed but there will be no job loss. But some private company starts discarding their staffs from their sales team or marketing teams, reducing the cost of their advertisements and assigning extra work to their employees to face this crisis.

It’s the biggest challenge not only for govt but also for our responsibilities on how to overcome it. Now 1st thing is to mentally stabilize ourselves. Rethink about our resources. We have to focus on our inner abilities. Then we can move to the section of efforts and hard works.

As a creative association, we think that this is a moment where anyone can awaken their creative faculty who is sleeping inside you. Let’s ring that “bell of creativity”. In this pandemic, the digital platform is growing immensely which opens a gateway for creative folks to display their creation and ability. People are developing mobile applications, Blog writing, content writing, ad making, art, and design, which gives them some good earning and keep their mind steady and out of stress.

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