Assam Flood

The Land of mighty Brahmaputra becomes inundated with the flood. 47 lakh people are affected due to this calamity. Where outbreak like Covid-19 was disturbed the whole nation, the flood has shaken the entire Assam. The land of Rhinoceros is completely submerged and wild lives are under threat. 95% of Kaziranga wildlife sanctuary is affected due to the Brahmaputra flood. Animals are moving towards civilization. Various cases are revealed where Tigers and Rhinos are entering to the villages and communities.

Survival becomes drastic in Assam. According to the Assam government, 80 death reports are registered and many are trace less till now. The everyday water level is rising 3 – 4cm in Brahmaputra River. According to the flood report of ASDMA 26 districts have been affected so far.

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