• Entertainment Park

    When onward in India, Entertainment Park will open?

    Indian entertainment parks are remained closed until the corona pandemic finishes. According to Indian government, the entertainments parks going to be open after surpassing the third phase of Covid-19.In the third phase, the contamination getting into community transmission, when infections happen in public and a source for the virus cannot be traced. At this stage, […]

  • Assam Flood

    The Land of mighty Brahmaputra becomes inundated with the flood. 47 lakh people are affected due to this calamity. Where outbreak like Covid-19 was disturbed the whole nation, the flood has shaken the entire Assam. The land of Rhinoceros is completely submerged and wild lives are under threat. 95% of Kaziranga wildlife sanctuary is affected […]

  • NEOWISE: Sky Comet Show

    NEOWISE is a retrograde comet that was discovered by Neowise space telescope on March 27, 2020. It is a 5 km amplitude based comet that is visible in the naked eye. It comes under LONG PERIOD COMET, which has an orbital period of about 7000 years. An interesting fact is that it will be visible […]