Why Corona Virus is man-made

Corona the pandemic that has buried more than 5000 lives. Fear of being dead is scaring the entire human race. But if we calmly think these things deeply that clearly distinguish we don’t need to be panic but should be cautious.

In 1720 (Plague), 1820 (Cholera) and 1920 (Spanish Flu) and 2020 (Corona Virus) those Outbreaks took millions of lives and counting. Among the lots of serious questions I want to highlight a simple question – Why are these kinds of viruses generating in every century to kneel down in human civilization? The answer is simple and straight and that is hidden inside the Outrage of nature. As per Newton’s 3rd law of motion, every action has its exact and opposite reaction, nature reflects its reaction to human activities. Nature is the blessing for all mankind till we start abusing it. Every move counts and the test goes on at every level. So, Be Cautious.

COVID-19 is not just creating the death ratio but also alarming for a change in the lifestyle of this tech-friendly new generation. The energy we are spending on a daily basis belongs to that supreme source and it knows every tit-bit we are doing. That supreme comes to us with such trials to improve the way of life. Every action we are doing is slightly wrong. The pollution, the population, over consumption, wasting energy, mining, infrastructure and growing technologies etc everything ends at a point “EPIDEMIC, EARTHQUAKE, CLIMATE CHANGE, TSUNAMI etc”.

Every soul should take this oath to sanitize not just from the body but from the mind also, to be stable by physically and mentally, to give respect for the dignity of nature. Follow the safety precautions declared by the government.

Thank you

Biswajit Das

Portray Media

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